Terrain Guide

Every running shoe listed on this website has been categorised as either a training shoe or a racing shoe. In turn each shoe will give an indication of what types of terrain it is great to run on. We have identified a number of terrain types/running surfaces - listed below - which form one of the selection points within our unique Shoe Selector facility.

Training Terrain >

Training shoe designed for use on firm road surfaces, giving both protection and performance.
Training shoe that will perform well on grassy surfaces, such as fields, parkland, and playing fields.
Footpaths & Trails
Training shoe that will give you the grip and traction for running on footpaths, trails, towpaths, coast paths, etc.
Training shoe designed to stand up to the rigours and demands of tough hilly, mountain, often rubble and unstable terrain.
Training shoe that will give you all the help you need for comfortable running on coastal sand and dune systems.
Mud & Plough
Training shoe designed to give you maximum grip and support when running on heavy, slippery, and uneven surfaces - typically, muddy plough fields and paths.
Athletics track
Training shoe that can be used for running on an athletics track. For fast-paced training we recommend a lightweight race/trainer with not too much cushioning.
Training shoe that will be great for running on a gym treadmill.

Competition Terrain >

A performance shoe designed to be used for racing competitively on the roads. Lightweight, fast and responsive.
Cross country
Typically, lightweight cross country spikes for racing - giving the best possible grip and performance. Alternatively, if you don't fancy wearing spikes then a lightweight grippy shoe won't let you down.
Athletics track
Lightweight spike designed for racing hard on the track.
A performance shoe designed for the rigours of racing and running fast over multiple terrains.
A performance shoe designed for the unique demands of mountain and fell racing. Typically the shoe is light with a grippy sole, is tight fitting with a low profile to prevent ankle twisting.